Gluteal tendinopathy is a common cause of hip pain (Greater trochanteric pain syndrome) and the most common cause of overall hip tendonitis. The gluteal tendons are tough fibres that connect your gluteus muscles to your hip bone and carry out hip movements. Tendon injuries are usually a process of gradual wear and tear from overuse or aging. Repetitive overloading of the tendon causes a tendon injury, for instance when people make the same motion over and over again in their jobs, sporting activities or other every day activities. Although a tendon injury may seem to happen suddenly, it is usually a result of repetitive tiny tears to the fibres of the tendon that have happened over a period of time. Gluteal tendinopathy is an injury to the gluteal tendon complex specifically, and can sometimes be associated with trochanteric bursitis. Gluteal tendinopathy usually causes lateral hip pain (pain on the side of the hip), muscular stiffness and loss of strength in the gluteal/buttock muscles.   Symptoms of tendinopathy:
  • The pain may feel worse when you use the muscle of the tendon
  • Pain and stiffness may be more noticeable in the night or when you wake up in the morning
  • The hip area may be tender, warm,
  • red or swollen if there is any inflammation associated
  • You may notice a crunchy, grinding sound when use the muscle of the tendon of the hip
  Gluteal tendinopathy treatment:
  • In most cases, treatment can start at home using the RICE ( rest , ice ,compression, elevation)  technique
  • Rest the painful area and avoid any movement or activity that makes the pain worse
  • You may apply ice to the painful area for 5 minutes at a time for the first 24 hours after an injury
  • Do gentle hip range of motion exercises and stretch to prevent further stiffness
  • Have the hip joint and muscle function assessed by a health professional such as your chiropractor or Physiotherapist.
  Cold laser therapy: As well as the treatment options noted above, cold laser therapy may be used by your chiropractor to modulate the inflammatory response and therefore, develop strong and uniform repair tissue. Improve microcirculation into the tendon for healing and to stimulate fibroblastic production for stronger and regular collagen. Furthermore, to inhibit nociception and associated myospasm.  
  Here at Lakeside Laser we offer a multimodal treatment approach to Gluteal Tendinopathy. We are located at 3/ 45 Central Walk, Joondalup; Central to Perth’s Northern suburbs and with Visitors from Various surrounding suburbs such as: Ridgewood, Merriwa, Quinns Rocks, Ocean Reef, Iluka, Wanneroo, Craigie, Padbury, Kingsley, Edgewater, Sinagra, Banksia Grove and Tapping. For more information on Cold laser therapy or to book an appointment, please give us a call on 9300 0095 or visit our website
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