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About Linda’s Patients

Linda Schiller has over 25 years healing work experience and has been practicing in primary healthcare in the UK and South Africa since 1998, you can now access her healing care in Joondalup, northern suburbs in Perth to get you back to wellbeing.

Dr Linda Schiller started her career in South Africa. While studying physiology, chemistry, psychology, biochemistry and anatomy she was a group fitness instructor and a professional dancer. When Dr Linda Schiller moved to UK she founded the Croydon Care Clinic. During her time in the UK she treated a wide range of conditions for professional sports people as well as the general public. Linda Schiller was also part of a GP education programme and worked closely with GPs and orthopaedic surgeons. Additionally, she worked as a backstage therapist at London’s 02 and Wembley arenas treating and caring for dancers and performers.

When she first arrived in Australia, she was hired at Murdoch University as a clinic supervisor and still helps to train new graduates at her Lakeside clinic. Now Linda is continuing her treatment to professional athletes by working backstage at Perth Arena, Barbagallo Raceway and also helping out at the HBF Run for a Reason. As well as professional sports persons, she has also treated thousands of individual patients from babies to her eldest of 97 years old.

About Linda’s Qualifications

Linda Schiller conducted unique research into the effectiveness of spinal manipulative therapy on upper back pain, and her study was published in the Journal of Manipulative Physical Therapy.

She holds a post-graduate diploma in Sports Chiropractic (CCSP) and, in 1999, completed a six-year Masters Degree in Chiropractic Technology at the Department of Chiropractic, Technikon Natal, South Africa. The course covered all aspects of human sciences, biochemistry, microbiology, x-ray, diagnosis, chiropractic, physiotherapeutic intervention, rehabilitation, massage and wellness care (through education, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle). This in-depth study has given her a sound training in the science, art and philosophy of healing.

About Linda’s Philosophy

Linda Schiller’s passion is in getting the human body to work 100%, heal faster and get you feeling better. She believes in the scientific approach, and considers all aspects of the neuro-musculo-Skeletal systems together with lifestyle choices, nutrition and emotions.

“Eat better, move better and think better to good health.”
Linda Schiller

As a mum, she recognised that adults should be able to enjoy the same range of movement as her two small children. This revelation helped inspire the Schiller Technique – a series of gentle exercises powered by relaxation and gravity.

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