Cold laser therapy is a new medical treatment that incorporates a non-heat laser to penetrate the underlying tissues in order to aid in the healing of tissues and decrease pain and inflammation of the affected area. The cold laser treatment is helpful for patients and provides many benefits. The laser light photons triggers the body to initiate healing and increases the regeneration and repair of cells by stimulating the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell). The cold laser treatment may benefit the human body in numerous ways including:
  • It reduces pain and inflammation: The laser reduces swelling by activating the lymph system to drain the swollen area and provides a higher range of joint mobility as it stimulates tissue regeneration
  • Promotes fast wound healing: the cold laser therapy benefits the patient as it reduces the formation of scar tissue, bruises and cuts and promotes the reabsorption of fibrous tissue
  • The treatment is extremely safe: As the laser is non-invasive, the patient isn’t exposed to any ionising radiation which means it also doesn’t damage any cells
  • The laser therapy has a positive effect on arthritis: As the treatment reduces inflammation and eliminates pain
  • Actively helps with weight loss and the reduction of addictions: The cold laser benefits patients as it can stimulate the release of neurotransmitters when applied to certain points in the ear that can break the addiction cycle.
  • Restore nerve loss: Nerve loss can result in subjects losing motor function in their extremities, so with the help of the cold laser therapy, it increases the reconnection process of nerve cells which restores the motor function lost previously.
  • Increases vascular activity: The laser stimulates lymph and blood circulation in the body, which gives the tissue the best chance of regenerating
So if you’re suffering from long term injuries, chronic pain, inflammation of joints or other swelling or bruising, Lakeside Laser is here for you. Lakeside Laser is located in Central Walk, Joondalup – central to Perth’s northern suburbs. We have visitors who visit us from surrounding suburbs of Hillarys, Sorrento, Marmion, Duncraig, Carine, Ocean Reef, Edgewater, Woodvale, Carramar, Kinross and Currambine. Call us for an appointment on 9300 0095 or book via our “Book Now” tab on the website Our Perth trained technicians are ready and able to help you live your life to its fullest.
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