Many surgical procedures or lacerations result in scarring, at the end of wound healing. This can make us feel insecure and afraid to expose these scars. Studies have shown that scar formation begins at the point of surgical incision, and is influenced by the tissues and cells surrounding the wound. An inflammatory response, followed by proliferation and remodelling of the cells occur after a cut or incision. External forces and influences affect the integrity and epidermal closure of the scar. It is suggested that postoperative sutures, cute and lacerations respond very well to cold laser therapy. It is even possible to use the cold laser through bandages whilst the wound is still healing. Once the open wound has healed, the most ideal form of treatment would be to undress the wound, clean the area then apply the cold laser therapy.
How is Cold Laser Therapy applied? The portable device is held roughly 5mm above the wound, and is slowly distributed around the affected area as well as the local healthy tissue. The cold laser therapy will modulate the wound healing phases. The only time it will be not used on a wound is prior 24-48 hours that the bleeding has stopped and if there is any signs of infection. LLLT regularly help visitors with wound healing. Please call us on 9300 0095 to see if we are able to speed up your healing time. We are located in Central Walk, Joondalup – 6027, central to Perth’s northern suburbs. Our visitors come from near and far to see our qualified technician, suburbs like Wanneroo – 6065, Yanchep – 6035, Marangaroo – 6064, Sorrento – 6020 as well as Heathridge – 6027, Craigie – 6025, Kallaroo - 6025 and Greenwood – 6024.
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