Wound & Burn Healing - Low level laser therapy

Wounds caused by burns and other types of injuries have proven to be effectively treated using cold laser therapy. Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive alternative therapy that incorporates a non-heat laser to penetrate the underlying tissues in order to aid in the healing of tissues and decrease pain and inflammation of the affected area. The cold laser treatment is helpful for patients and provides many benefits. The laser light photons trigger the body to initiate healing and increases the regeneration and repair of cells by stimulating the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell). A major benefit of Cold laser therapy or low-level laser therapy is that it reduces the formation of scar tissue, bruises and promotes the re absorption of fibrous tissue/scar tissue.

How is Cold Laser Therapy applied?

The portable device is held roughly 5mm above the wound, and is slowly distributed around the affected area as well as the local healthy tissue. The cold laser therapy will modulate the wound healing phases to ensure that there is optimal tissue repair without excessive scar tissue and wound contraction. The only time it will be not used on a wound is prior 24-48 hours that the bleeding has stopped. If there are sign of infection, we can use the blue laser light which is antibacterial. The laser can even be applied over a bandage, however the ideal preparation for the treatment is over bare skin.

Treatment sessions last 5-20 minutes and involves the laser being rotated over the entirety of the wound or burn. It is recommended that the patient receives daily treatment sessions with the total visits equating to 5-10 depending on how well the wound or burn is healing.

Low level laser therapy also known as cold laser therapy is used to influence cellular ATP production which in turn increases the rate of DNA synthesis. The increase in protein synthesis the body gains from laser therapy results in cell proliferation benefits and wounds and burns to heal. Repeated doses of low level laser therapy amplify systemic and cellular effects and thus decrease the duration of the wound/burn present.

Low-level laser therapy/ cold laser therapy is a vastly improving medical modality used in many health professions. Lakeside Laser have multiple emitters on site to treat your condition in the fastest time possible. At Lakeside Laser in Joondalup we offer Cold laser therapy in the treatment of many conditions to get you back to health.

Lakeside Laser is located at 3/45 Central Walk, Joondalup and has many visitors from neighbouring suburbs including: Mullaloo, North Beach, Woodvale, Heathridge, Wangara, Pearsall, Yanchep. To book an appointment call us on 9300 0095 or visit our website www.lakesidelaser.com.au to discuss options available for you, with one of our friendly clinicians.

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