Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive therapy that utilises low levels of light to stimulate the healing of tissues. The cold laser treatment works by applying a non-heat laser to the inflamed area on the body. The tissue then absorbs the light and a chemical reaction takes place whereby the damaged cells begin to regenerate and strengthen again. The treatment is painless and the laser itself creates no heat, vibration or sound. Cold laser therapy works in a number of ways at a cellular level:
  • It accelerates rapid cell growth: Cold laser therapy enhances cellular reproduction and the growth rate
  • Enhances metabolic activity: More effective immune response as the laser increases enzyme activity which provides the blood cells with a greater amount of oxygen
  • Increase anti-inflammatory response: the laser decreases swelling inflicted by bruising of joints and aids in increasing joint mobility
  • Wound healing: Cold laser therapy works by stimulating fibroblast development in the damaged tissue
  • Stimulates nerve function: often damage to nerves will cause specific parts of the body to lose motor functions. The cold laser works by increasing the reconnection process of nerve cells, to restore all function that was lost during the damage.
  • Increases vascular activity: The cold laser accelerates the circulation of lymph and blood throughout the tissue so the damaged tissue has the best chance of regenerating
  • Decreases fibrous tissue formation: Reduces the formation of scar tissue following burns, cuts and surgery
  • Provides pain relief: Increases endorphin release
Cold laser therapy is used highly in biomedicine for the treatment of many skin injuries including burns, ulceration and surgical wounds. The laser therapy works by decreasing the formation of the fibrous tissue, to ensure that no scar tissue is present after the treatment. Musculoskeletal and wound healing are other conditions that the cold laser treatment has found to be highly beneficial, as the cold laser works strengthening muscle tissue and accelerates the healing process of cells within tissues. So if you’re suffering from musculoskeletal injuries, inflammation of joints or other swelling or bruising, Lakeside Laser is here for you, located in Central Walk, Joondalup – central to Perth’s northern suburbs. We have visitors who visit us from surrounding suburbs of Hillarys, Sorrento, Marmion, Duncraig, Carine, Ocean Reef, Edgewater, Woodvale, Carramar, Kinross and Currambine. Call us for an appointment on 9300 0095 or book via our “Book Now” tab on the website Our Perth trained technicians are ready and able to help you live your life to its fullest.  
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