T4 syndrome – pain in the upper back occurs due to overloading and overuse of the spine. This is mainly achieved through certain movements of the spine, stretching and compressive forces are placed upon the facet joints and discs mainly at the level of T4( upper back area). After a period of time the overuse causes an irritation or damage upon the adjacent nerves corresponding to each disc level and this may result in neurological or muscular symptoms including:

a) Pins and needles and numbness of the upper arm b) Upper arm and hand coldness c) Hand clumsiness d) Referred pain and headaches e) Crushing pain similar to a squeezing pressure f) Posterior pain, as well as pain around the scapula g) Swollen hands h) Upper back stiffness and achiness

T4 syndromes typically occurs due to injury of the facet joints or disc at T4, which then goes on to affect the nerve root at the corresponding level. It’s also thought to be a sympathetic dysfunction related to vertebral dysfunction of T2-7 causing refereed pain into the arms and hands. Common differentials used to help diagnose the condition include tenderness and restriction at the involved segments, taking a neurologic examination to rule out nerve root, peripheral nerve, brachial plexus and CNS disorders. Management of T4 syndrome can be in the form of spinal adjustments of the involved segments, coupled with postural advice and exercise. However in recent times it has been discovered that Cold Laser Therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy is very effective in the treatment of T4 Syndrome. Cold Laser Therapy incorporates the use of the latest technology to penetrate deep into the underlying tissues without breaking the skins surface through surgical incisions. The non-infrared beem that the laser generates is used to reduce inflammation and promote faster healing by promoting blood and oxygen circulation to the affected area. In this case of T4 syndrome treatment, the Cold Laser Therapy provides oxygen and blood to the area to free up the entrapped nerve as it may have been compressed due to the large amount of inflammation present around the T4 segment. Protocol of treatment of upper back pain with cold laser therapy Cold Laser Therapy in the treatment of T4 syndrome involves attaching a utility probe to the laser and then is placed over any of the trigger points. The trigger points for T4 syndrome are located on the back of the patients over segments T2-7 for 3 minutes on each spot. Sessions generally last 20 minutes as the laser movements around different segments and it is recommended that the patient visits the clinic 2-3x/week for 10-12 sessions to gain the best recovery time possible. So if you’ve noticed any of the symptoms as mentioned above or your local GP has diagnosed you with having T4 syndrome, Lakeside Laser is perfect in the treatment of your condition. Lakeside Laser is situated in the heart of Joondalup, one of Perth’s northern suburbs and treats many visitors for local suburbs including, Girrawheen, Marrangaroo, Yanchep, Darch, Scarborough, Landsdale, Warwick, Mindarie, Woodvale and Quinns Rock.. To find out more information about treatment or to schedule in an appointment, don’t hesitate to call us on 93000095 or visit our www.lakesidelaser.com.au
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