Dementia is a progressive/chronic condition that shows symptoms of declining cognition, memory and quality of life. Dementia can affect anyone at any age however, is commonly associated with and elder population above the age of 65 years . Common early signs and symptoms involve:
  • Confusion
  • Frequent memory loss
  • Loss of cognition (mental process of knowledge and reasoning)
  • Loss of ability to perform everyday activities
Treatment for dementia usually involves medications as well as therapies to help maintain the condition. The cold laser therapy also known as the low level laser therapy is an intervention commonly used as an alternative medicine in many health professions in the treatment of dementia. The cold laser therapy utilises a technique that doesn’t expose the patient to radiation and requires no incisions. The treatment is quick and cost effective, influences neuro inflammation and improves cerebral circulation which improves brain oxygenation. This increase in oxygen to the brain plays a vital role in sustaining memory and improves the loss of cognition and decreases the level of confusion. Case Study: Patient presented with a sensation of a heavy head that was too heavy to hold up, a persistent headache, increased anxiety levels, decreased ability to cook and a reduction in interaction with family members. After the 12 week treatment period her physical signs showed an improvement in her interaction levels as she hugged the assessor, stated a lighter/clearer head with no headache, extremely talkative and active, cooking more and able to recite a whole recipe to the assessor by memory. Protocol: Treatment of dementia usually consists of 12 sessions, with 2 visits recommended per week each lasting 5 minutes/spot. The transcranial protocol involves four different regions on the patient’s cranium that the laser is applied too meaning that sessions should last 15 -20 minutes each visit.  
  If you’re showing symptoms of confusion, memory loss, loss of ability to carry out everyday tasks and/or your GP has diagnosed you with Dementia, Lakeside Laser in Perth may be useful for treatment of your condition. Lakeside laser is located in Perth’s northern suburb, Joondalup on 3/45 Central walk. Lakeside laser offer cold/low level laser therapy in the treatment of many conditions that involve improving circulation to the body including the brain and ensuring that it isn’t being deprived of any oxygen. The clinic has visitors from the suburbs north of Perth including, Woodvale, Currambine, Chittering, Alkimos, Kingsley, Yanchep, Heathridge, Two Rocks and Tapping. If you would like to book an appointment you can contact us on 9300 0095 or alternatively use our ‘book now’ tab on our website Our Perth trained low level laser technicians are ready to assist you live your life to its fullest.
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