Lateral and Medial Epicondylitis Lateral Epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and medial epicondylitis (golfers elbow) refer to inflammation of the epicondyles (bony bits on elbow) and are generally caused by over use of the muscles of the forearm. These conditions are generally associated with repetitive sport or occupational activity as the joint is often overloaded with work. Lateral epicondylitis is caused by tearing of the extensor muscles of the forearm, while medial epicondylitis is associated with tearing of the flexor muscles. Causes of elbow pain and found in which group of people Tennis and golfers elbow can affect any individual and can be due to excessive sporting activity, as well as injuries sustained by lifting heavy objects or any other activities associated with flexion/extension of the elbow joint. It’s found that tennis elbow affects 1-3% of the population and has a high incidence in individuals aged between 40-50 years old, while Golfer’s elbow only affects less than 1% of the population. Treatment of elbow pain Relief of elbow pain endured through lateral and medial epicondylitis has been found to work by progressively improving the pain-free range of motion and preventing any reoccurrence of the injury. Cold laser therapy/low level laser therapy has been clinically tested to improve circulation and encourage the wounded cells to heal and repair and restore normal function in the joint. Cold laser therapy has the ability to not only improve function in the short term, but also to prevent the injury in the long term. Benefits of cold laser therapy/low level laser therapy for curing tennis and golfers elbow. Reduces the need for other medications
  • Non-invasive and painless
  • Ability to use the device immediately after sustaining the injury
  • Suitable to all age groups
  • Improves circulation and body’s range of motion
  • Restore normal functioning of the joint
  • No side effects
Protocol – management programme of tennis elbow Treatment of lateral and medial epicondylitis using cold laser therapy involves placing two emitters on either side of the elbow upon the epicondyles to firstly drain the axillary lymphatic chain and then improve circulation to the joint. The initial protocol involves sessions of 2-3 times per week with treatments lasting roughly 10-20 minutes, and is used to inhibit pain and any myospasms that may occur over the bony prominences. The secondary protocol (Tissue repair protocol) involves sessions lasting 5-10 minutes and activates the healing and repair of tissues and the reduction of inflammation for a fast recovery time.  
  Cold Laser Therapy is a fast and efficient treatment that has been proven to encourage healing of many injuries involving the joints around the body. The treatment is painless and doesn’t involve any damage to the skins surface however deeply penetrates the skin using the latest technology to actively treat the underlying tissues. For treatment of elbow pain Lakeside Laser may assist in healing. Lakeside Laser offers Cold laser therapy for a vast majority of conditions and is located central to Joondalup in North Perth. Lakeside Laser is located on 3/45 Central Walk and has many visitors from neighbouring suburbs including Heathridge, Tapping, Woodvale, Yanchep, Kingsley Wanneroo, Hilary’s, Alkimos and City Beach.  To schedule an appointment you can head to our website  or contact us 93000095 to speak with our trained professionals. We look forward to seeing you soon.
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