The scaphoid bone in the hand is one of eight bones in the wrist and is the most commonly broken bone in the hand usually occurring after a fall upon an outstretched hand. Patients generally present with symptoms of:
  • Pain with or without swelling on the thumb side of the wrist
  • Tenderness over the wrist
  • Pain with gripping and pinching motions
  • Loss of range of motion in the wrist
Diagnosis of scaphoid fracture Certain tests used to differentiate between a scaphoid fracture and other disorders include, a sensitivity test which carefully stretches the patients hand into ulnar deviation (all fingers move towards the pinky side of wrist) to reproduce pain symptoms and radiography tests including X-ray, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and CT (computerized tomography) to identify the fracture under certain imaging. Management Usually consists of cast immobilisation to aid in healing of the fracture with a 10c piece hole cut out directly over the scaphoid bone so the super pulsed laser beam from the cold laser therapy can repair the injury at a faster rate. Cold Laser therapy or low-level laser therapy has shown proven results in the treatment for scaphoid fractures along with many other musculoskeletal disorders. The cold laser therapy manages scaphoid fractures by stimulating the blood to circulate and move into the fracture region to enhance the repair of the fractured scaphoid bone. Increasing the blood supply around the scaphoid bone diminishes the likelihood of any complications resulting after the injury, for example avascular necrosis, as the disease is generally caused by a reduction in blood supply to the bones. Protocol Cold Laser therapy or low-level laser therapy in the aid of scaphoid fractures generally consists of 10-15 visits with 2 visit recommended per week of 10-20 minutes duration. The emitter is placed directly over the scaphoid bone and moved around the affected area with 4 minutes on each section preferred, for the maximal effect. Cold Laser Therapy is a relatively new treatment option used in many medical professions as the therapy doesn’t expose the patient to any risks as the super pulsed laser doesn’t produce a hot beam. Low-level laser therapy utilises a non-invasive (no surgical incisions) technique that penetrates deep into the underlying tissues to improve the microcirculation of oxygen and blood to the affected regions of the body in the aid of decreasing pain and inflammation caused by injuries.
Cold Laser Therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy treats many musculoskeletal injuries including scaphoid fractures. At Lakeside Laser in Joondalup Perth we offer Cold Laser Therapy using the latest technology in the treatment of your condition. Were located on 3/45 Central Walk Joondalup central to many Perth suburbs mainly North of the river. Lakeside Laser has visitors from Currambine, Quinn’s Rock, Carine, Duncraig, Innaloo, Floreat, North Perth, Yanchep and City Beach. For further information or if you would like to talk with one of our experienced chiropractors or to book an appointment please give us a call 9300 0095 or check out our website
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