Foreword: Acknowledgement for the development of low level laser therapies in Perth is generally given to Albert Einstein, for his theory of “Zur Quantum Theories der Strahlung in 1916. Later on in the 1960’s the technique of amplifying and concentrating monochromatic light was developed by Theodore Maiman and Endre Mester. Theodore produced a Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER), used as a focused, high powered beam with photo thermal effects to vaporise tissue by intense heat and Endre suspected that the laser may in fact destroy malignant tumours, however the laser was underpowered and found that lasers at low powers stimulated tissue healing. After this innovation, cold laser therapies or low level laser therapies were invented so that no photo thermal effects occurred, however photobiostimulatory effects were still in use. Laser therapy was developed in the 1980’s and encompassed the influence of super pulsed infrared laser irradiation, pulsating red light, a constant magnetic field and the pulsating broadband infrared non-coherent light. This resulting device is non-invasive, painless and safe medicine for pain relief.   Treatment Principles:
  • Patient should sit still, or lie on a surface with a pillow under their lower part of the body. Apply laser directly onto the skin surface and avoid direct sunlight into the room
  • Treatment given each day with 15-20 mins rest following
  • Stay hydrated drinking 1.5L of water per day
  • The low level laser therapy in Perth had 4 stages:
    • Introductory Phase: No change apparent, although healings begun. Patient may experience a shift in symptoms straight away, within hours although may not last too long. Chronic pain requires more treatments, however this phase generally consists of 2-10 sessions depending on the condition,
    • Therapeutic Phase: This phase consists of 5-15 sessions and may begin after 3-4 treatments in the introductory phase
    • Conclusion Phase: Follows the therapeutic phase for 3-4 weeks to complete the course of treatment
    • Preventative Course: Booster treatments are advised to prevent deterioration of the condition 3-4 times per year.
  • If exacerbation of symptoms starts after the intro treatments, the sessions should be shortened or have a day’s rest in between each session
  • Treatments shouldn’t stop if pain/symptoms disappear as tissue repair may be incomplete and treatment shouldn’t be longer than recommended.
  • Duration shouldn’t exceed 35-40 minutes
  • If no response to treatment, sessions may begin again after a month or two
  • New-born: power set to 25%, <14 and elderly: 50% and >14 100%
  • Use protective goggles so radiation doesn’t make contact with the eye
  • Over the heart, a frequency of no more than 5Hz for 5 minutes is recommended. Don’t treat over the thyroid, chest (vagus nerve) or genitals.
  Principles: Low level laser therapy in Perth doesn’t work on all injuries and success is by:
  • Correct assessment/diagnosis
  • Appropriate target selection and dosage
  • Technique and individuals reaction
An examination is key in understanding the nature, extent and tissued involved in the injury process is paramount.   Technique: divided into groups depending on the injury, location and age of patient:
  • Contact
  • Non-contact: held 0.5-3 cm above skin surface for open wounds, ulcers or were pressures not possible for patient to handle
  • Scanning: Large area treated, low level laser moved upwards/ downwards, side to side and forwards/backwards at 0.5-1.5cm per second.
  • Woodpecker: For lymph drainage/swelling. A stroking treatment begins proximally and proceeds distally
  • Acupuncture-Muscle trigger point Probe: light focusing lenses to enhance functionality of the laser.
  Treating chronic Pain: Occasionally pain may follow treatment, meaning the laser may have ‘pushed’ the chronic pain to an acute condition. An exacerbation of symptoms may arise due to the increase in blood supply and the dilation of capillaries. If these occur temporarily suspend the sessions for 1-3 days or once the symptoms have stopped.  
  • Pregnancy
  • Carcinoma
  • Fever
  • Over haemorrhages
  • In the vicinity of a pacemaker
  Primary Considerations:
  • Oral-inflammatory medications
  • Over recent steroid injections
  • Botox injection sites
  • Photosensitive patients
  Secondary Considerations:
  • Wounds: ensure they’re completely cleaned
  • Anticoagulants
  • Chronic musculoskeletal localised inflammation: doses should be kept relatively small
  General Treatment Applications:
  • Low level laser therapy is used to cure muscle spasms as well as muscular pain. The frequency varies from 0-3000 with lower frequencies penetrating more deeply than 1000Hz.
  • Reducing swelling is the first principle with low level laser therapy in Perth at Lakeside Laser followed by pain in Oshiro’s principle guide.
  • When treating the lymphatic system always start proximally to allow flow all the way through to the distal segments. The woodpecker method should be utilised when applying a variable process to facilitate drainage and is applied at 1000Hz.
  • 1000Hz is generally used for pain relief with a session of 5Hz following for tissue repair.
  • Tendonitis (both chronic and acute) is cured at a frequency of 1000Hz over the tendon at a 450 angle for pain relief, followed by scanning of 50Hz to hinder inflammation.
  • Phototherapy may be used in conjunction with other modalities, generally cold before heat
  • Follows the decade rule, so a 20 yr old would require 2 sessions and a 50 yr old would require 5 sessions.
  Protocols:Zone treatments considered local and no movement is performed with the low laser device and scanning involves moving the device either clockwise or upwards/downwards over a larger surface area.  
  Lakeside Laser in Perth also offers Laser Hire, with daily, weekly and monthly hire options available as well as tailor made treatment plans. Located at 3/45 Central Walk, Joondalup; Central to the Northern Suburbs of Perth. We have visitors from various surrounding suburbs, such as: Kinross, Mindarie, Tapping, Butler, Alkimos, Iluka, Ashby, Hocking, Woodvale, Mullaloo, Ocean Reef and Carramar. If you would like further information regarding cold/low level Laser hire/ treatments book an appointment online, feel free to contact us on 08 9300 0095 or visit our website
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