Mild traumatic brain injury also known as concussion, is a condition caused by sudden concussive impact events on the brain. As a result of these blows to the head it can cause severed neuron synapse connections, neuron apoptosis, micro-bleeding and ischemia. Traumatic brain injuries can be classified as mild if the loss of consciousness or confusion is less than 30 minutes, although even in mild cases the effects can be devastating on families and the affected individual. Common signs and symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury include:

a) Fatigue b) Dizziness or a loss of balance c) Loss of consciousness d) Disturbances in vision e) Depressive episodes f) Seizures g) Poor concentration skills h) Sleep disturbances

With mild traumatic brain injuries there are some differential diagnoses that need to be ruled out when confirming if it is in fact the right diagnosis. These include, headache disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and seizure disorders. If one of these disorders are the only symptom the diagnosis of mild traumatic brain injury is unable to be formed. Treatment for mild traumatic brain injury consists of rest, cognitive therapy, hyperbaric chamber therapy and low-level laser therapy. Low-level laser therapy also known as cold laser therapy can treat mild traumatic brain injury by influencing potential micro-inflammation, improve cerebral circulation and hence improve brain oxygenation. The protocol consists of 12 sessions, 2x per week and consists of the laser being placed on four different areas of the head for 5 minutes each at a time. The four locations include the front of the skull (hairline), the back of the skull (precuneus) and both sides of the head above the ears (Inferior parietal). Cold laser therapy is a fast and effective alternative treatment option that many medical professions use in the repair of mild traumatic brain injuries. The treatment is completely painless and doesn’t expose the patient to any health risks as the laser doesn’t produce any heat from the laser beam. So if you struggling to complete daily functions because you feel tired or fatigued or you have noticed any of the symptoms as mentioned above, cold laser therapy (low-level laser therapy) is ideal for your situation. Cold Laser therapy allows normal functioning to occur in the brain by restoring the damaged tissues. At Lakeside Laser in Joondalup we offer cold laser therapy for many muscular conditions. Situated on the Central Walk in Joondalup, Lakeside Laser has many visitors from mainly northern suburbs in Perth. These consist of Hillarys, Hocking, Mullaloo, Tapping, Burns Beach, Iluka, Currambine, Sinagra Quinn’s Rock, Beldon, Padbury, Yokine, and Craigie. We have HICAPS onsite, so you can claim from your Health Fund on the day of treatment. Health Funds available for claiming include Medibank, HBF, Bupa, CU Health, NIB, Police Health Fund, GMF, SGIO, if yours is not listed please ask. We’re Medibank and BUPA providers, so customers will receive a discounted rate when presenting these cards. If you would like to seek advice about your condition, don't hesitate to contact us on 9300 0095, or visit our website to make a booking.
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