A migraine, refers to a headache of varying intensity which is most commonly accompanied by a feeling of nausea and a sensitivity to light and sound. Migraines are generally throbbing in nature and can vary depending on patients from a couple of times per year to several episodes every week. They’re usually one sided and patients can generally depict exactly where the pain is coming from and point it out. Episodes can last from a couple of hours to several days and is associated with a blood vessel spasm leading to the brain. The prevalence of migraines varies between sexes with females 3x more likely to obtain them than males. The cause of migraines are yet to be discovered, however it’s believed to be purely neurogenic instead of the old perception of the condition being a vascular problem. Auras may also accompany migraines and usually occurs in about 15% of cases. Common signs and symptoms of Migraines headaches:

a) Vomiting and nausea b) Sensitivity to light and sounds c) Sensitivity to touch, pressure and smell d) Vision disturbances in aura cases e) Numbness of limbs and face f) Difficulty speaking

Migraines can be classified into 3 categories based upon certain characteristics of the headache. It can be vascular/neurogenic, referring to a cluster headache caused by a decreased blood flow in the brain. Metabolic/toxic, due to decreased glucose or toxicity (drugs) in the brain and finally stress/sinus/eyes, linked to too much screen time and sinus infections.   Management of Migraine headaches Treatment of migraines can be in the form of many modalities including medications, hot and cold therapies, spinal manipulation and avoiding situations that’re going to trigger the condition. Spinal manipulation of the cervical spine can be extremely helpful in the management of migraines as well as Cold Laser Therapy also referred to as low-level laser therapy. Cold laser therapy (low-level laser therapy) can be used in the treatment of migraines as it actively improves the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain that has been depleted. Its technology is also designed to improve nerve conduction and the firing of receptors within the brain. Cold Laser Therapy incorporates the use of non-ionizing technology meaning it doesn’t expose patients to any risks when the light is shone upon them and is non-invasive in nature so no surgical incisions are required to delve deep into the underlying tissues. The protocol for Cold Laser Therapy in curing migraines includes placing a probe attached to the laser (which is wrapped in cling wrap) inside the patient’s nostril for 3 minutes at a time and then repeated in the bilateral nose. Treatments generally last 20 minutes, and it is recommended that patients receives care 2x a week until the condition is cured. So if you’ve been suffering from the same migraine that repeatedly keep bothering you or you’ve just recently noticed the signs and symptoms as mentioned above, Lakeside laser is right for you. Located on the Central Walk in Joondalup Lakeside Laser is central to many of Perth’s Northern suburbs including Currambine, Connolly, Edgewater, Iluka, Ocean Reef, Tapping, Kinross, Clarkson and Woodvale. If you would like further information regarding Low Level Laser Therapy/Cold Laser Therapy or to book an appointment,  feel free to contact one of our friendly laser technicians on 08 9300 0095 or you can visit our website www.lakesidelaser.com.au.      
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