Why is your gut microbiome so important?

Your gut microbiomes are made up a millions of bacteria whom genetic material lives in your digestive tract. This plays a key role in digesting foods that you eat, by helping with absorbing nutrients, synthesising nutrients, your metabolism, body weight, immune regulation, your brain function and your mood. The gut microbiome is responsible for a variety of crucial functions in the body, which is due to its communication with the immune and neuro-endocrine systems. A healthy gut helps to fight off infection, performs usual digestive and regulatory functions, absorbs and synthesis’ nutrients. Depletion or alterations to microbiomes can be caused by stress, anxiety like behaviours, clinical depression, high fat diet, antibiotic usage as an infant. Some disease that depletion of microbiomes leads to include IBS, colitis, celiac disease, diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, liver disease, heart disease, heart failure, parkinson’s disease, cancer, asthma. Why laser helps? Studies have shown that an increase in healthy microbiomes causes a positive effect of one’s mental health. It has also been found to enhance cognitive process and emotional learning. Research has also shown laser therapy can increase beneficial gut bacteria in just 2 weeks. - PROTOCOL;   Other ways to help promote a well-functioning gut microbiome include eating a healthy diet, having adequate exercise and sleep,and reducing your exposure to stress and taking probiotics. Cold laser therapy has become a large alternative form of treatment due to its cost effectiveness, ease of treatment and it presenting no side effects at all to the patient. The treatment doesn’t break the skins surface and produces no ionizing radiation so the treatment is perfectly safe. Many patients prefer the treatment as the benefits are large and out way the risk of other treatment options. At Lakeside Laser we offer multiple laser emitters and also a portable laser that the patient can take home and use for a speedy recovery. Lakeside Laser is located on the central walk in Joondalup and is central to Perth’s northern suburbs including, Yanchep, Jindalee, Padbury, Yokine, Gnangara, Wanneroo, Quinn’s Rock and Mullaloo. Here at Lakeside Laser we can treat your upset gut and help you feel back to normal in no time. We also have a HICAPS facility on site that caters for many private health funds including health.com, HIF, HBF we are a part of the Medibank preferred practitioners and BUPA members first. If you would like to schedule in an appointment or get some more information on your condition you can contact us on 93000095 or book via our website www.lakesidelaser.com.au.  
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