Low Level/Cold Laser Therapy causing changes to Arterial Oxygen Saturation

Oxygenation of tissues is vital in the energy supply, metabolism and life of an organism. Controlling this mechanism is essential in the tissues development and sustaining tissue function to perform the necessary tasks to keep the body operating.

Factors influencing oxygenation include:

-Increased Metabolic rate: Increased workload requires an increased demand for oxygen in tissues

-Toxic inhalation: Inhalation of toxic gases reduces the amount of oxygen attached to haemoglobin, meaning we require more oxygen at this time

-Decreased inhalation of oxygen: If airs covered by pollutants, the body’s need for fresh oxygen in the atmosphere increases simultaneously

-Anaemia: Decreased production of haemoglobin meaning that more oxygen is required at that particular time

Treatment for low oxygen levels in tissues generally requires oxygen supplements, however low level/cold laser therapy has been found to show great results similar to that of oxygen supplements. Low level laser therapy is a relatively new alternative treatment that is vastly used in health professions. Cold laser therapy has been found to have a positive impact on tissues as it is highly used to reduce inflammation by repairing the damaged tissue. Regeneration of the tissue is initiated by increasing the circulation of oxygen in the blood giving the tissue the best chance it can. Low level laser therapy/cold laser therapy also enhances metabolic activity meaning that it’s able to provide a more effective immune response due to the laser increasing enzyme activity, providing the blood cells with a more sufficient amount of oxygen.


   Protocol: The arterial oxygenation protocol generally involves 12 sessions about 3 times per week to gain the most effect. Sessions generally take 10-20 minutes with the laser focusing on a certain spot for 2 minutes at a time. 

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