Laser Therapy for Pet

Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive therapy that utilises low levels of light to stimulate the healing of tissues. The cold laser treatment works by applying a non-heat laser to the inflamed area on the body. The tissue then absorbs the light and a chemical reaction takes place whereby the damaged cells begin to regenerate and strengthen again. The treatment is painless and the laser itself creates no heat, vibration or sound. As well as treating human beings, the cold laser therapy or low-level laser therapy as some like to call it, can also be utilised on pets and animals. The cold laser therapy can be used to treat pets/animals following a traumatic onset, post-surgery or in the case of wound healing. The cold laser therapy or low-level laser therapy can aid in the treatment of your pets/animals wounds as it can help regenerate the damaged tissues. The laser can also improve the healing time of your pets/animals injury, following surgery. Cold laser therapy works in a number of ways at a cellular level:

a) It accelerates rapid cell growth: Cold laser therapy enhances cellular reproduction and the growth rate b) Enhances metabolic activity: More effective immune response as the laser increases enzyme activity which provides the blood cells with a greater amount of oxygen c) Increase anti-inflammatory response: the laser decreases swelling inflicted by bruising of joints and aids in increasing joint mobility d) Wound healing: Cold laser therapy works by stimulating fibroblast development in the damaged tissue e) Stimulates nerve function: often damage to nerves will cause specific parts of the body to lose motor functions. The cold laser works by increasing the reconnection process of nerve cells, to restore all function that was lost during the damage. f) Increases vascular activity: The cold laser accelerates the circulation of lymph and blood throughout the tissue so the damaged tissue has the best chance of regenerating g) Decreases fibrous tissue formation: Reduces the formation of scar tissue following burns, cuts and surgery h) Provides pain relief: Increases endorphin release

Our Cold laser therapy or low-level laser therapy can treat your pets/animals injury in the convenience of your own home. At Lakeside Laser we have laser hire available to aid in the healing time of your pets/animals condition. We hire out our cold laser for both human and pet needs to make the expense and ease of treatment much more beneficial. Much Like humans, animals experience pain and injuries following traumatic onset and often warrant treatment for their condition. Instead of contacting a vet and spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on treatment, at Lakeside Laser the hiring of our laser is much more cost effective. Hiring out the laser from Lakeside laser will save you time, money and travel as the laser is portable and can be taken wherever you may need to go. Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy, although not limited to include:

a) Wound healing b) Faster Post surgery healing times c) Reduces inflammation d) Inhibits arthritis pain e) Increases circulation around their body f) Assists gum disease g) Inhibits muscle and joint pain

So if your dog/cat/rabbit/ pet is struggling from a certain condition, or has just had surgery to the area of need, Lakeside Laser have a portable cold laser available for hire to assist them. Lakeside Laser is located north to Perth’s CBD and have many patients from all of Perth including neighbouring suburbs like Kingsley, Yokine, Jindalee, City Beach, Ellenbrook, Woodvale, Mullaloo, Kalaroo, Whitfords and Greenwood. To find out the expense of the laser hire or to book out the laser to treat your pet you can contact us on 93000095 to speak with our friendly staff or visit us at 3/45 Central Walk Joondalup. We can also be contacted at for any more queries into the laser hire for your pets.  
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