Cold laser therapy utilises a non-heat laser that’s locked with a specific wavelength, which enables it to penetrate the underlying tissues. The cold laser light therapy treatment improves the tissues defence by minimising redness as well as enhancing the recovery process. It is applied for 30 seconds to several minutes over the inflamed area depending on the severity and size of the injury and unlike many other therapies, cold laser (low level laser therapy) doesn’t mask the condition but instead accelerates the healing process of tissues. The results of the laser therapy are cumulative, with respect to others that are temporary, and are further reinforced by multiple visits to the practitioner as the greater the visits, the higher the rewards. Multiple visits are recommended as the cold laser treatment works by strengthening the tissues over time to result in a more permanent affect, which aids in the longevity of the treatment. The cold laser treatment therefore lasts a substantial period of time, and the results improve depending on the frequency of the visits. It’s recommended that a patient receives the low level laser therapy care between 8-30 times in order to gain the highest level of satisfaction. The cold laser treatment is comprised of a number of different stages:
  • Introductory phase: This stage of the treatment marks the beginning of the exposure of the laser upon the skin and produces no apparent benefit; however the tissues have begun its healing process.
  • Therapeutic phase: This stage follows the first phase and usually begins after 3-4 treatments, when muscular and connective tissue healing become apparent.
  • Conclusion phase: Thirdly, this phase follows the therapeutic stage after three to four weeks of treatment and is known as the completion phase.
  •  Preventative course: The final stage of the treatment is used to bolster the effect of the treatment and usually occurs 3-4 times per year to prevent deterioration of the injury.
If you’re experiencing inflammation, swelling or pain, Lakeside laser may be of your assistance to reduce these symptoms. The therapy is quick, and the cold laser treatment lasts a substantial period of time depending on the frequency of your visits and the preventative treatments after the initial phases have been conducted. The greater the amount of visits to the clinic the higher the rewards as the strength of the tissues increase with each visit.
Lakeside Laser is located in Joondalup central to Perth’s Northern suburbs. With visitors from surrounding suburbs including: Kinross, Ocean Reef, Kallaroo, Craigie, Heathridge, Woodvale, Pearsall and Landsdale. For further information or to book an appointment feel free to contact one of our laser technicians on 08 9300 0095 to head to our website
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