A Cervicogenic headache is classified as a pain that develops in the neck in patients, although pain is felt in the head. These headaches are secondary headaches, meaning that they are caused by an underlying cause, for example an infection or neck injury. Neck injuries sustained can be from whiplash type events and Cervicogenic headaches have been closely linked with this type of injury. Chronic headache that’s unresponsive to treatment should have the temporomandibular joint as the first on the list of mechanical causes. The headaches generally last 2-3 hrs to a week, recurring as little as 2-3 days and as long as 2-3 months Signs and symptoms of these headaches include: a) Throbbing head pain b) Unilateral pain in the head or face c) Stiff feeling in the neck d) Orbital pain (pain around the eyes) e) Pain whilst coughing and sneezing f) A headache caused by certain movements and postures of the head Cervicogenic headaches can also be associated with many differential diagnoses as the symptoms are quite similar. These include vascular/neurologic pain, for example cluster headaches due to a decreases amount of blood flow to the brain. Metabolic/toxic cause due to decreased glucose to the brain or increased toxicity (drugs) or stress cause, due to too much screen time. Management of headaches with Low level laser The treatment for Cervicogenic headaches consists of spinal adjustments of the cervical spine, trigger point therapy and cold laser therapy (low-level laser therapy). Cold laser therapy is a relatively new innovation that has spread throughout many health professions. Its cost effectiveness and positive results have proven pivotal in the management of many musculoskeletal conditions including Cervicogenic headaches. Cold laser therapy also referred to as low-level laser therapy can treat Cervicogenic headaches by reducing pain to the area and improve function by inhibiting nociception and any associated myospasm. Cold laser therapy/Low level laser therapy utilises a non-invasive approach to care and delves deep into the underlying tissues to help reduce inflammation and promote healing and repair. Protocol of Low level laser therapy with headaches The super pulsed laser therapy should be applied to each tender area on the head and neck to reduce pain and improve function. The lasers applied to each tender region for 4 minutes at a time, moving over the different tender points for approximately 20 minutes each treatment. It’s recommended that patients visit the clinic 2-3x/week and the total amount of treatments will depend how the patient is responding to the treatment and the severity of pain he/she is in. Cervicogenic headaches is one of the most common headaches occurring mainly by whiplash type injuries. Cervicogenic headaches can be treated via cold laser therapy to reduce the symptoms as fast as possible and restore normal neck and head function. At Lakeside Laser we offer multiple laser emitters to manage your condition in the timeliest way possible. Lakeside Laser offers Cold laser therapy for a vast majority of conditions and is located central to Joondalup in North Perth. Lakeside Laser is located on 3/45 Central Walk and has many visitors from neighbouring suburbs including Alkimos, Tapping, Woodvale, Swan Valley, Kingsley, Ellenbrook, Hilary’s, Yokine and City Beach. We have HICAPS facilities on site to assist in the expense of your treatment and are BUPA and Medibank preferred providers, however take many others including, HIF, HBF, NIB, etc. To schedule an appointment you can head to our website www.lakesidelaser.com.au or contact us on 93000095 to speak with our trained professionals. We look forward to seeing you soon.  
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