Cold Laser Therapies Efficiency on Scar Tissue- Perth Low Level Laser clinic

Scar tissue can be defined as connective tissue that’s been contracted and had become dense and fibrous. The tissues composed mainly of fibroblasts in very recent scars and for older scars, is made up of dense collagenous fibres. Scar tissue forms generally after an injury to a muscle, ligament, tendon or skin around the body and is initiated by inflammation to the site in order to heal the injury.

Post-operative sutures, lacerations and cuts respond extremely well to Cold Laser/ Low level laser therapy even covered by layers of bandage. Ideally, having the wound cleaned and debrided followed by applying the super pulsed laser would be more beneficial to the patient. Cold laser therapy/Low level laser therapy is a form of alternative medicine that utilises low powered lasers to gently penetrate the skin without any surgical incisions. The treatment involves a low level laser (that produces no heat) being applied to a section of skin that’s experienced trauma of some sort whether it’s pain/ inflammation or swelling and functions in reducing these symptoms and increases joint mobility. Another advantage the cold laser therapy utilises is reducing scar tissue formation.

The low-level laser therapy decreases fibrous tissue formation which makes up scar tissue. It softens the fibrotic nodules of the scar tissue and restores normal circulation, allowing nerves to regenerate. Its main aim is to restore the skins normal appearance following trauma, may it be via a burn, cut or surgery. The cold laser therapy works by modulating the healing phase so that there’s optimal tissue repair without excessive scar tissue and contraction of the wound.

Protocol for scar tissue repair with low level Laser:

The laser/emitter is held at approximately 5-10mm above the scar and is scanned over the entirety of the wound about a centimetre per second. A secondary scan around the perimeter of the scar follows the first and includes about 2-3mm of healthy tissue surrounding the wound moving in to the centre.

The first 10 days of scar healing utilities a voltage of 5-1000Hz for two minutes/10cm2 and is initiated by a scan of the periphery. For the first 10 days, daily visits are required however total exposure time is normally only around 2 minutes. Following the 10 days the most suitable frequency used is 50Hz with an exposure time of 2 minutes per every 5cm2. 5-10 sessions are required again after the 10 with daily visits to gain the most beneficial prognosis.

The cold laser therapy/low-level laser therapy has been proven to improve wounds fast and eliminate scar formation. If a certain scar is bothering you and you would rather it was minimised or completely vanished from your skin, Lakeside Laser is here to help you. Lakeside laser’s friendly staff are all trained in performing the non-invasive cold laser therapy/low-level laser therapy and are located in Joondalup, central to Perth’s Northern suburbs. We have visitors from a wide range of suburbs including: Kinross, Ocean Reef, Kallaroo, Craigie, Heathridge, Woodvale, Pearsall and Landsdale. Please feel free to contact one of our laser technicians on 08 9300 0095 to discuss treatment options or to book an appointment.

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