Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), is a condition that causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. The disease is most commonly found in patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes as well as subjects who have had their shoulder immobilised for a substantial period of time. The process starts as inflammation that resolves as fibrosis and includes three stages:
  • Acute inflammation of the Glenohumeral joint capsule
  • Stiffening stage
  • Thawing phase (months-years later)
Cold laser therapy also known as low level laser therapy, is an effective treatment for a range of diseases as it can help reduce inflammation, pain, stiffness of joints and restore healthy tissue. The treatment is non-invasive and doesn’t produce any heat which means the patient isn’t susceptible to any side effects from radiation. The cold laser therapy is a perfect solution for frozen shoulder as its primary target is to reduce stiffness and inflammation in the joints. The low level laser therapy targets the shoulder joint and enhances joint mobility by improving the circulation and enhances cellular repair in the shoulder. Low level laser therapy/ cold laser therapy assists in modulating the inflammatory response during the acute phase of frozen shoulder and minimises the fibrotic response during the stiffening stage. It is a highly used treatment as it’s:
  • Safe to use
  • Non-invasive (doesn’t penetrate the skin)
  • No exposure to radiation
  • Painless treatment
  • Reduces stiffness/ pain and inflammation
  • Increases joint mobility
The cold laser treatment for frozen shoulder follows a decade rule, meaning that after the age of 60, the injury should only require 6 visits with 2-3 visits a week to gain complete joint mobility. However; before the age of 60, the therapy consists of 10-15 sessions with frequent visits of 1-2 times per week which generally only lasts 2-5 minutes on each inflamed section. So if you are experiencing any pain/ stiffness in the shoulder or have been diagnosed with frozen shoulder disease by your doctor, lakeside laser is for you. Lakeside Laser is located centrally to Perth Northern suburb, in Joondalup. We have a wide range of visitors who visit us from a variety of surrounding suburbs of Heathridge, Craigie, Edgewater, Sinagra, Wanneroo, Padbury, Whitfords, Kallaroo, Mindarie, Ocean Reef, Woodvale, Butler, Tapping and Neerabup. Call us for an appointment on 9300 0095 or book via our “Book Now” tab on the website Our Perth trained technicians are ready and able to help you live your life to its fullest.
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