Ankle Osteoarthritis-Lakeside Low level Laser Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic condition of the joint. It is a result of the gradual breakdown of the cartilage protecting and allowing the smooth movement between bones. It commonly affects those around 65 years of age, as it is a “wear and tear” disease. Ankle osteoarthritis is the least common arthritis of the major joints, however is still a frequent cause of pain in the elderly due to the high magnitude of force going through the joint every day. Common symptoms of ankle osteoarthritis include:

a) Pain- deep ache, worse with movement and better with rest b)Stiffness in the morning or after lying down c)Swelling and warmth in the ankle d)Limited range of motion e)Muscle weakness due to disuse of painful joint

Risk factors of ankle osteoarthritis:

a) Old age, over 60 b) Genetic predisposition c) Overweight d) Not getting enough sleep e) Injury to the joint f) History of inflammatory joint disease g) Repetitive use of joint- exercise, construction worker h) Poor nutrition i) Metabolic or hormonal disorders

Management of ankle osteoarthritis can occur using bracing, pain relief, orthotics to support the ankle, steroid medications, paraffin wax baths , acupuncture, chiropractic and cold laser therapy. Cold laser therapy can help treat ankle osteoarthritis by reducing the firing of pain receptors and modulate the inflammatory response for a faster healing time. Cold laser therapy (low-level laser therapy) protocol: The first phase of treatment is aimed at inhibiting nociception and associated myospasm and involves 5 treatments total with 3 sessions a week. The laser is placed at different intervals around the ankle joint with 5 minutes at each point for the maximum benefit. The second phase is called the tissue repair phase and is aimed at producing improved microcirculation, modulated inflammation response and therefore strong and uniform repair of the damaged tissues. The total number of treatments for the maximum benefit from the laser in the second phase, involve 7 sessions of 1-3x per week with 2 minutes placed on each section of the ankle. Cold laser therapy or low-level laser therapy is a relatively new alternative form of treatment in the health profession and caters for many different types of musculoskeletal conditions. Its non-invasive action and cost-effectiveness is why patients tend to prefer this treatment modality over many others. The administration of the treatment is fast and easy and the staff at Lakeside Laser are trained to return your condition back to normal in the fastest possible time. Ankle osteoarthritis is the least common osteoarthritis of the joint, however does occur among an ageing population from constant wear and tear of the cartilage over time. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms as mentioned above or you have been diagnosed with having osteoarthritis in the ankle, cold laser therapy (low-level laser therapy) at Lakeside Laser may be useful for you! Lakeside Laser is central to Perth’s northern suburbs, located on 3/45 Central Walk Joondalup and we have visitors from many neighbouring suburbs including: Woodvale, Kingsley, Ocean Reef, Mullaloo, Yokine, Ellenbrook, Subiaco, Wembley Downs and Beldon. To talk to our trained cold laser/ super pulsed laser professionals about therapy you can contact us on 93000095 to book an appointment or schedule a treatment via our book now tab on our website Our staff look forward to seeing you shortly.
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